History - Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Department


The Department was founded in 1967 as the Marine Engineering division of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Starting from 1982 the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering was formed to give Naval Architect and Marine Engineers. The department was linked to the Naval Architecture and Maritime Faculty in 2009.


The department educates qualified engineers for the rapidly evolving maritime industry and on this way accomplishes the needed innovative work. Feeling that the time requires quality and accreditation in education and training in order to compete in world scale the department was accredited in 2011 by Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs (MÜDEKauthorized by ENAEE to award EUR-ACE Label.


The academic structure of the department has been configured with 16 professors, 21 research asistants. The numbers of students are 700 BSc study, 80 MSc and 30 PhD students. The number of BSc graduates of the department reached 2000.


updated: 06.06.2013